Monday, February 23, 2009

It's getting to almost be Spring!  My mind jumps to frogs - I love them!  I've collected them for years and have hundreds!  Not live ones, of course!  Check out this stamp on Zazzle that is made from an ACEO card I drew of my favorite frogs, Pierre and Colette.  They are part of the gang in my "home away from reality" - Frog Hollow.  Wouldn't this make a sweet postage stamp for wedding invitations! 

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daphne - What a Doll!

Speaking of Spring and daffodils, I just found this shot of Daphne - she was one of my cutest dolls in the "Garden Girls" series.  She's just precious! 

Time to get my creative Mojo a workin'!

Today I am trying to get back into the swing of things. I've been surrounding myself with my past work -- or friends if you will -- for inspiration. I've been in a creative drought. But my creative being is starting to peek out from inside me, like the first leaves of the daffodils when they push out of the dirt on a warm February day! This doll is one of my favorites.   Every time I see her, I feel inspired.  So let me share a little bit about my friend Rogue and her sidekick, Bartholomew!

When magical beings are born they rarely know what they want to be when they grow up! There's a little known training school out there in the way beyond to help them find their way. And so at an early age they are enrolled at the Marvelous Abracadbra Gravitational Inclination College - better known as M.A.G.I.C.

Once in awhile a student is pulled into multiple career directions. So it goes with Rogue. Her tutors believe she has the makings of a fine elf - and so have dressed her in the colors of Christmas. But our Rogue has a wild streak! She always thought her raven black hair and green eyes were those of a witch!

Rogue always felt in her heart that she was born to fly -- and so it was on Halloween, the night when witches take flight, that Rogue escaped the hallowed halls of M.A.G.I.C on the wings of her friend, Bartholomew Bat. Together they fly through the night with Rogue’s laughter touching the hearts of all they pass over. Together they are a fine Halloween decoration, or, you can separate Rogue at Christmas and tell her to behave as the elf she is supposed to be!

Rogue and Bartholomew have been sewn out of muslin that has been painted with acrylics and sanded in most places to a smooth finish.

Rogue’s face is framed with silky, black hair that has been braided into pigtails and entwined with green embroidery thread. Her hooded cape is of purple velour and brick red silk. It is permanently fixed to her head and is tied at her neck with black canvas trim. Wee little jingle bells are sewn at each side. Her dress is of the same brick red fabric as her hood and also includes a length of gold embossed fabric. The bodice is of black silk ribbon that has been tied at her back. It is embellished with a red star, which Rogue always wears over her heart to show how she favors being a witch! Her leggings and gloves have been painted green. Her boots are painted red and match her top. Her legs and arms have been stitched at the elbows and knees to allow for posing.

Bartholomew has armature wire inserted across the top of his wings and along their veins, which allows you to pose them into various flying positions. He has a pocket sewn to his belly where you insert a portion of the stand he flies upon. This enables you to dismantle him for storage purposes.

Rogue has harnessed him with a black, braided rope that has been trimmed with large, black jingle bells… this way she can always hear him coming and going! Bartholomew’s harness fits over Rogue’s hands and slips under her legs and his neck to hold her in place. She may also be removed so that you can enjoy each piece separately, and for ease of storage.